Which plan do you feel is most appropriate for you and your family?

Test your dental plan knowledge with this quick-to-complete quiz.

Q1) Which plan generally has:

  • no deductible or maximum
  • no co-payment or out-of-pocket expense for cleanings
DHMO      EPO      Direct Reimbursement      PPO 

Not quite. DHMO plans generally have no deductible or maximum and often require no copayment for cleanings. Although the other options listed here often require no copayment for cleanings, they all have deductibles and annual maximums.

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Q2) Which plan:

  • expects you to pay all costs at time of treatment and then wait for reimbursement
  • is funded by your employer
PPO      Fee-for-service      Discount Plans      Direct Reimbursement 

Not quite. Direct Reimbursement is the only plan where you pay all costs and then wait for reimbursement, and is funded by your employer. When you have a discount plan you are expected to pay for the discounted fee at the time of treatment, but there is no reimbursement of what you pay.

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Q3) Which plans negotiate fee schedules with participating in-network dentists, saving you money on out- of-pocket expenses?

PPO and Discount Plans      DHMO and Direct Reimbursement      PPO and EPO      DHMO and Fee-for-Service 

Not quite. Only both PPO and EPO plans negotiate fee schedules with participating dentists. Discount Plan dentists do participate in a network but a Discount Plan is not a true insurance plan.

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Q4) Which plan:

  • has generally higher out-of-pocket expenses
  • is not an insurance plan
  • needs no paperwork, and has no annual limits or deductible
  • requires you to visit a participating dentist
DHMO      EPO      Discount Plan      PPO 

Not quite. Discount plans are the only plans listed here that are not true insurance plans. Direct Reimbursement, not included in the question above, isn’t an insurance plan either. All the other plans listed are regulated by state insurance boards and have participating networks of dentists.

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Q5) Although you can visit any dentist you like, if you visit a participating in-network dentist, which plan generally offers:

  • low out-of-pocket costs
  • no deductible for preventive treatment such as cleanings
  • PPO      Fee-for-Service      Discount Plans      DHMO 

Not quite. PPO is the correct answer. PPO plans do allow you to visit out-of-network dentists. However, by visiting an in-network dentist you can expect your out-of-pocket costs to be lower. DHMO Plans don’t allow you to see out-of-network dentists and Discount Plans are not true insurance plans.

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